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To say that we exist to aid your travels and tours with convenience would be a felicitous claim. At the same time, that would also be a partial assertion because our vision is larger than just that. We are a luggage enterprise, yes. We facilitate a traveller’s experience, yes. However, we create luggage that not only enables a smooth journey but is also designed with luxury fashion sensibilities and is worth reasonably. This is where the Traworld difference steps in. With every piece made with its own distinct feature, we stick to this nonpareil combination of aesthetic values, luxe quality, functionality, comfort, and affordability here. Engineered for the business purveyors, the wanderers, the occasional vacationers, and anyone who wants to travel in style; we say traverse the world and do so with the Traworld bags!

The logo story

Traworld derives its inspiration from the Arctic Tern Bird. Famous for its migration, this tiny bird travels from its breeding grounds in the Arctic region to Antarctica every year. It keeps embarking on meandering journey that covers a distance practically twice the circumference of the planet. These birds battle all odds and survive the longest migration to make it back home. Traworld bags are equipped with the same strength and endurance, signifying the brand logo.


Traworld brings innovation and craftmanship with each of its products to cater to travelers from across the spectrum.


Luxury meets style at Traworld luggage. Straddle the world with style and finese.


World-class quality is at the core of Traworld products. Enjoy optimized space with an unbeatable strength.

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