Terms and Conditions

Traworld, hereby provides International Warranty on this piece for 5 years from the date of purchase by the user against material manufacturing defects only. After the expiry of this period, you can still avail of this repair facility, by paying for the same. The warranty, however, is subject to the following conditions:

  • This warranty card is valid only if it is filled in, stamped and signed by the authorized dealer/person Traworld or salesperson (except for institutional purchases); such that in the actual event of warranty claim, the card and the relevant cash memo must be preserved and produced along with the defective piece.
  • The defective piece must be delivered by the user at his/her/its own cost to the authorised dealer, the details whereof can be obtained by contacting the company on aforesaid helpline number or email id.
  • This warranty is not valid for:
    • Damages resulting from accidents, mishandling, negligence, unauthorised|repair, tampering, loss of components / accessories, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme heat and temperature, solvents, acids and exposure to rain/water.
    • Powder coating, gold plating, wood finish locks frames, channel and all other metallic surfaces.
    • Damages such as zip bursts, cracks, dents and scratches to any of the components, tearing of inner lining or any other fabric.
    • Damages from mishandling and abuse in transit by the carrier company (Airlines etc.) (if such abuse occurs, one must immediately file a claim with the carrier company before leaving the transport terminal)
    • Damages to the leather trimmings and net mesh.
  • The company will undertake to repair / replace the defective piece within a reasonable period of time, at its own discretion; and its decision as to the nature of the defects and applicability of this warranty, is final.
  • In the interest of the product upgradation, the company is free to change its products specification without notice; and in case spares for given model are not available, the company may at its discretion, offer an equivalent model at a special rate.
  • Any disputes arising out of the applicability / sage of this warranty card are subject to Indian laws having Mumbai jurisdiction only.
  • The company's liability for damages shall be restricted only up to repair and if need be, replacement of the defective piece and in no event and under no circumstances it shall exceed the price paid (after discounts if any) by the customer to the company for the damaged piece stated in the Invoice / Cash Memo.
  • This warranty excludes every condition / warranty liability not expressly set out herein.
  • All locks and security mechanisms fitted on the luggage are delaying devices and cannot prevent theft of the content and luggage.
  • Besides the terms and conditions mentioned, for availing the International Warranty, the procedure as mentioned below also needs to be followed by the user to exercise this warranty on the product:
    • To avail of this warranty the user needs to call the company's call centre in this warranty card or inform by email at address put earlier in this warranty card.
    • The user will have to provide necessary documents including the duly filled up, signed and stamped copies of the valid warranty card, invoice (and the photo of the defective piece if physical product is not available for inspection) physically at the service centre or by email that the call centre may provide.
    • The piece must be delivered to and collected back from the nearest service center in the country of travel at the user's cost, while the address will be provided by the company through the call center.
    • The company reserves the right to repair or replace the defective piece as suitable to the situation in case of replacement, the defective piece shall be replaced with another piece of the same model or equivalent model of any of the company's brand at the company's discretion.
    • The Company or its representative(s) will undertake to repair or replace the defective parts /piece within a reasonable period of time and its decision as to the nature of defect and applicability of the warranty is final.
    • In case of service call being raised outside of India in any country which is covered by this warranty, a first preference of replacement of the luggage shall be provided based on the availability of the product, if the product is not available the customer can also avail a full refund
    • In case the company agrees to deliver the replacement free of cost to the user at the address provided and agreed, the user shall be required to deliver the defective piece at its own cost, either before or after receipt of replacement in lieu of the defective piece, to the nearest service center location as may be informed by the company.

This warranty is not valid unless signed and stamped by an authorized representative of the sales outlet. (or Sales Representative)
All disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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